The Most Beautiful Gift…

Bliss and joy always come from within. Outer experiences can point us in the direction of happiness, but they are never really its source.

I was reminded of this truth a few weeks ago when I manifested a pair of concert tickets. I connected with the energy of the acquisition, imagined how it felt to have them already, and released both my expectations and also the outdated pains and beliefs that could have potentially held me back from manifesting my desires. And then they appeared. As if by magic. They were mine. And for a moment I felt an incredible wave of excitement.

I did it! I got them! I feel so powerful! This is amazing! 

But, of course, that moment quickly passed as all moments do. And then came the worries and fears…

Did I purchase the right thing? Would I like the seats? Could I have done better? What happens if something goes wrong and I lose them? What if I made a mistake?

This is how it always is with the mind. Desperately trying to keep us in a state of unhappiness. Selling us on some problem to be solved before we can rest and be happy. And when that problem is solved another will inevitably follow. In this way, all happiness born of the mind will inevitably lead to grief.

Divine bliss already exists inside us. It is who we are. It is our birthright. And while things in the external world can stoke the fires of this internal joy, they are never an adequate replacement. And clinging to them will ultimately lead us back to misery. Such is the way of the mind.

Writing this now helps me to tap in again to joy of that moment. The joy in all moments. And recognize once again that those concert tickets are not the source of my happiness. I am the source. And these manifestations on the physical plane are merely a reflection of what is already inside: A beautiful, infinite well or light and love, joy and blessings.

The most beautiful gift you could ever ask for already exists within you.

Wishing you a happy holiday season filled with light and love!