The Power of Play

Have you ever watched a child play? Kids play with their minds, bodies and spirits. They are joyful, creative, focused, and completely alive. The power of play permeates all aspects of life and it is how children learn, grow, develop, restore and reenergize. The benefits of play are not just limited to children. Adults can play too!

Here are some tips for bringing more play into your life:

Do something frivolous. Kids rarely play with a purpose. While goal directed activity is important, too much focus on an end product can drain our energy and bog down our minds. For a healthy diversion, try devoting some time to doing things that are fun for no other reason than that you feel like doing them.

Try new things. Left to their own devices children are natural explorers. Now it’s your turn to embrace that joy of discovery. Take a class, try a new sport, or visit a place that you have never been before. The possibilities are endless. It’s a big world and there are always new things to discover.

Be creative. Children have an incredible knack for turning ordinary objects into playthings—from toilet paper roll swords to backyard forts to impromptu performances. You don’t have to be an artist to flex your creativity muscles. Doodling on a napkin, singing in the shower, or dancing in mirror all count so long as you get those creative juices flowing.

Daydream. Kids live in the realm of imagination and you can too. Spend some time each day creating new adventures in your mind—design your dream home, plan an exotic vacation, create a new invention, imagine your perfect day. Exercising your imagination stretches your brain and will naturally bring more joy into your life.

Be silly. Not having yet learned all the dos and don’ts of polite society, children are naturally uninhibited when experiencing and expressing themselves and their joy. Doing something silly or unexpected. Tying on funny hats or singing at the top of your lungs can connect you back to this carefree time before “shoulds” and “musts” came to dominate your experience.

Have fun! Just like a child, joy is your birthright. Spend some time playing and see what transpires.