The Path to Self-acceptance

Being myself has never been an option for me. I have always, by necessity, marched to the beat of my own drum. I imagine that is the case for each of us. No matter how hard we might try we can never fit ourselves into the mold cast by and for another human being. We are each unique individuals with our own unique strengths, goals, path and soul song. There exists for each of us a perfect path, rhythm and fit, and the more we accept and embrace that the more joy, ease and grace we will bring into our lives.

Being yourself seems like it should be the most simple thing in the world but for many it is actually quite difficult. Whenever we look outside ourselves for approval and validation, we cede our power to external sources and lose a bit of that connection to who we really are. Societal standards like the ideal body size, who your friends are, what job you have, what school you went to, etc. can provide some external validation, but they can never tell us, as individuals, who we really are or what will make us truly happy. If you’re not used to doing it, learning to tune into your soul song can be challenging at first but in the long term it’s the best, most fulfilling and easiest way to live.

Here are some tips:

Spend some regular time doing what makes you happy. If, like many people, you have lost touch with what you are passionate about, now is the time to start experimenting. The fastest way to strengthen your connection with your true, loving self, is to follow your joy.

Re-examine your “shoulds.” Often times the things we believe that we should have, or do, or be have little do with what our soul craves. Examine these messages carefully and decide for yourself whether they fit your hopes, goals and dreams.

Avoid comparison. So many of us are conditioned to experience the world from a sense of lack—if they have it then I don’t—but nothing could be further from the truth. Often times we desire the characteristics in others that lie dormant in ourselves. If you can see beauty in another person’s body, then you are already beautiful. If you appreciate a friend’s wit and acumen, you already possess those qualities yourself. Rather than getting caught up in the tangled web of comparison focus instead on cultivating those qualities in yourself.

Focus on your strengths. Focusing on our strengths gets us out of a negative mindset and helps us to focus on the positive qualities from which we can build more of what we desire.

Remember you truly are special, lovable and inescapably unique. The more you tune into your own special rhythm, the easier it is to sing, dance and celebrate life.