5 Ways to Jumpstart your Intuition

Intuition is the voice of wisdom, power and healing that exists within each of us. We can use our intuition to make important decisions, improve our health, strengthen our relationships, find a dream job, and live with a greater sense of joy and fulfillment. Follow these five simple steps to develop your intuition:

  1. Quiet the mind. The subtle voice of intuition can be difficult to discern beneath the constant chatter of our thinking minds.  Yoga, meditation, breathing and visualization are all good ways to still the mind, but many people also find inspiration through writing, being in nature, vigorous exercise like running or swimming, or even taking a bath.
  2. Listen to your body. For many of us intuition reveals itself though body sensations. An uneasy feeling in the stomach or a constricted feeling in the chest may be signs that something isn’t right with our current plans. Conversely, feelings of expansion and ease may signal that we are on the right track. The more we start to pay attention to these subtle sensations the more we can get in touch with our intuitive guidance.
  3. Release attachment. The fastest way to shut down our intuition is to fixate on a certain outcome or result. Instead, trust that whatever answer you receive will ultimately serve your greatest good-even if it’s not exactly what you asked for or expected. You may be surprised at the outcome.
  4. Trust yourself. Our society teaches us to look outside ourselves for answers.  We read books, consult experts, but are quick to discount our internal wisdom.   Trusting ourselves takes some faith and perseverance, especially when our inner guidance clashes with the “experts.”  The more we learn to trust ourselves the more information will become available.
  5. Work on your stuff. Emotional baggage, dysfunctional thought patterns and unresolved issues and trauma all get in the way of our connection with our intuition. Chronic fears and worries can clutter our minds and keep us from tuning into to our inner guidance. Emotional healing is essential for fully accessing our intuitive wisdom.

Don’t discount the importance of practice.  Intuition is like a muscle.  The more we use it the stronger it gets.  Over time it becomes easier to discern between our thoughts and our inner guidance.   Plus the more we use our intuition the more peace, joy and love we can bring into our lives.